Artists Brief for '10x10 Drawing the City London - The Elizabeth line'

10x10 Drawing the City London - The Elizabeth line

Transport networks are incredible junctions of crossover – of people, ideas and experiences. Our 10×10 theme this year focuses on the Elizabeth line, Europe’s largest contemporary infrastructure project. Through its development, key transport hubs along its route have transformed the urban landscape, offering us a new experience of the city. Our abstracted grid of 100 squares traces the route of the Elizabeth line through central London, from Paddington station to Whitechapel. 

In advance of the line’s opening, we invite you to produce an original piece of art for 10x10. Your artistic response will join 99 other works at 10x10 to create a unique map of 100 subjective journeys along the Elizabeth line.

Visit, observe and imagine the journey contained in your dedicated square. You may draw on narratives of concealed and revealed, above and below, macro or micro to conceptualise your view of the area. Work in-situ, from your studio, or return to your square often over the coming weeks at a time convenient to you to develop your piece.

Vasundhara Sellamuthu